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iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement:

One of the most common types of cell phone damage is the cracked screen. According to the survey done, it was calculated that approx 29 percent of users stated that they have damaged their phone due to dropping from some height or by any other means but the result was the damage to the phone screen.

Having an iPhone adds an asset to you. So maintaining and protecting your iPhone is a must. Using glass screen protectors and cases for the phone will help your phone to protect it against scratches but this is not the case associated with the iPhone.

The screen of the iPhone is very fragile. Even if it is protected through a case or a glass screen, the screen might get damaged or broken when you drop it from some height. 

Do not wait for too long when your iPhone 11 pro max screen is damaged, as waiting for a longer time will even worsen the condition. So never delay in case of experiencing any damage to your screen. If there is any delay in iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement then it might cause further damage to the cell phone. Various online services are available and also local stores are available to fix the screen damage.

But if you wish to do it by yourself and save the cost then go for it. A repair kit and a new screen are all you will need. Also if you are afraid and do not have confidence then you can anytime visit iCracked it for the iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement

Before proceeding with the iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement, analyze the extent to which the screen has been damaged. Before you even try to operate the damaged screen, it is important to know up to what extent the damage has been caused. Try to find out whether it is a small crack or the whole glass is damaged. 

Here is the list of 13 most essential DIY steps for iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement:

  1. Take out the bottom pentalobe security screws:

The first and foremost thing is to switch off your iPhone 11 pro max, then only unscrew the two pentalobes present. This screw is present near the charging port.

Check if the charge on your iPhone is below 25 percent then only you should take out the screws and proceed further. As the batteries are generally made up of lithium-ion and lithium-ion is explosive. To avoid this explosion it is recommended to check the battery level before removing the screws.

After you have opened the screws, make sure that there is no strain of liquid in it as opening the pentalobe screws will make your iPhone prone to water or you can say that the safety from water is hampered.

  1. Pasting a tape on the damaged screen of the iPhone:

If there is a crack in the iPhone 11 pro max screen, but still your iPhone is responding then stick some of the tapes on the broken areas of the screen to avoid further damage to the screen of the iPhone 11 pro max.

Now you will have to cover the area of the screen and for doing so stick the packaging tape all over your iPhone 11 pro max screen. This process will help to keep the big pieces of the glass.

Do not forget to wear protection glasses while operating otherwise this will damage or injure your eyes.

  1. Heat the bottom edges of the iPhone:

Usually, the screen of the iPhone 11 pro max is designed in such a way that it has water resistance capacity, so the screen of your iPhone will be held intact by adhesive force.

To loosen these adhesives, you will have to apply heat using a hairdryer or heat gun to the phone’s lower edge.

After heating through a hairdryer you will notice that adhesive will slowly tend to meltdown and will result in softening these adhesive. Due to this, removing a cracked screen becomes an easier task to perform.

  1. Using a suction cup for removing the old screen:

At the bottom edge of your iPhone 11 pro max take the small suction and also at the back of your screen. Press the suction firmly so that it sticks on the broken screen.

When the suction cup is attached to the screen, pull out the suction cup to remove the cracked pieces.

The suction cup is available in any cell phone shop near your place. 

Wrap the screen with the tape from both sides of the screen that is badly broken.

Humidify the screen slightly and then try to press it more firmly when suction is having trouble sticking towards the screen.

  1. Removing the suction cup gently:

There is a suction cup attached to your iPhone’s screen, try to gently pull out the suction cup. This will help you remove the screen which gets pulled away along with the suction cup

The frame’s glass might not come out at once, so you might have to repeat this operation multiple times.

The suction cup has to be swiftly moved towards the corner of the iPhone’s screen so that you will be able to pull out the screen smoothly while taking out the suction cup.

  1. Slightly lift the display:

While moving the suction cup above the iPhone’s screen, it is important to make sure that there is sufficient space present between the front panel and the rare case of the iPhone 

To create a sufficient amount of space, insert an opening pick into the gap.

When you feel that the gap made is not sufficient then you can try applying some more heat to soften the glue and then try to insert the tool.

iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement is not an easy task, so if you have all the tools and enough confidence then only try to operate on your own.

  1. Inserting back the opening pick:

To separate the screen from the adhesive, an opening pick has to be inserted towards all four corners of your iPhone 11 pro max screen.

Inset the opening picks only a few millimetres apart and not so far otherwise it might damage the internal components of your iPhone. 

  1. Opening the iPhone:

Now from the left side of your iPhone 11 pro max, try to open its display. 

Do not apply any force while removing the display as it’s too fragile. Applying external force will tend to damage or break the cables as some cables might still be attached to the logic board of your iPhone 11 pro max.

While you are working on the components of your iPhone, make sure that the display of the iPhone is resting on one side.

  1. Connector shield has to be removed:

When you open the display of your iPhone, you will see a metal plate held with the screw, which is the connector shield.

Lift the connector shield after the screws have been removed. There might be more than 1 connector of your iPhone 11 pro max.

While running out all the operations, make sure that you have kept all the screws and connectors separately from each other so that they might not get mixed up and the reassembling part is done appropriately without wasting any time.

  1. Removing the battery connector:

Remove the screws which are connected to support the battery brackets.

Keep track of all the screws which you have removed to make sure that exactly which screw will be fixed where.

The next thing to do is removing of battery cover bracket.

  1. Disconnecting the battery:

Now disconnect the battery connector from its socket using a spudger.

Perform this process gently so as no force is applied. Do not apply any force as any external force might hamper the process and damage the black silicons of the connectors.

  1. Disconnecting the internal components:

Now using the drivers, remove the logic board screws and the brackets.

With the help of a spudger or a fingernail, remove the OLED panel cable connector.

Next is to disconnect the sensor assembly.

Now remove the display assembly as well.

  1. Re-assembling the new display:

Once you have separated the display from the phone successfully, you have to perform all the steps in reverse order while attaching the new screen. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps for iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement. These steps should only be performed when there is a hairline crack on the iPhone. But when the whole screen is damaged or the screen is smashed into small pieces then without any delay you have to reach out to the cellphone shop for the screen replacement.

iCracked-it is one of the most recognized names in cities like Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on the Thames, Cookham and Taplow for iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement. A DIY changing of screen always puts your device in danger while iCracked-it has Apple certified technician which ensures more trust and quality service for our clients.

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