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The MacBook is one of the most versatile creations out of all the Apple products. Usually, the life of the MacBook is of many years and it has a trouble-free life. Unfortunately, there are some people who face trouble with MacBooks in just 1 or 2 years. 

There is something associated with Macbook that pulls everyone’s eyes to it. Whether it is its look, or p[erformance, or durability, or if you talk about its outstanding features, everything about Macbook is just so best that everyone is attracted towards it.

Being such a great device, it is genuine that it is prone to attack by many negativities. There is always a threat of thieves or hackers. So there is a need to protect it at a higher rate.

Early problems in MacBooks can arise due to many factors. Sometimes, improper handling and use of the MacBook lead to the creation of some sort of problems. 

Even though the causes of problems are uncertain, there are few steps that can be taken to resolve the problem. So below are mentioned some of the steps in which you can do troubleshooting before rushing for MacBook repair.

  1. Always prepare a backup

It is good practice if you regularly back up the data in your MacBook. But if you do not, then before proceeding to do anything or rebooting your MacBook, make sure that you have created a backup for all the necessary and important data.

Before even taking a step to investigate the cause of the problem, the first and most important thing you should do is to create a backup of all the important data and files.

When your MacBook is not rebooting then you can make use of an external hard drive for creating a backup. It is very simple. You can press on “ Command + R “ keys.  

If you have any other Macbook and you do have access then you can use its external hard drive for creating a backup of the data of your other MacBook. Make sure that both the MacBook have firewalls.

When you take your MacBook to the repair center for MacBook repair, then it might be possible that the professionals update your MacBook or troubleshoot the problem. In such cases, I am afraid that you will lose your important and personal data.

So it is recommended to create a backup of all the essential data and files from time to time.

  1. Shut down your MacBook

If the backup is done, the next step is to switch off or shut down the MacBook. Disconnect all the external connections that were made, if any. Remove the charger if your MacBook has enough battery life.

Now boot the system, if it works then it clearly means that the problem was in any external connections only. If it does not work out then there is a fault in your main device. Check for the MacBook repair near me and reach the nearest repair center for the MacBook repair.

You can reach us at iCracked-it. We provide services in various parts including Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on the Thames, Cookham, Taplow. Along with Macbook repair, we also provide help for MacBook screen replacement.

  1. Make use of startup manager

Press the Options + Power Keys together to start the Macbook in the start manager. Then you will have the options in front of you to select which start-up disk you would like to boot from.

If you are using the firewall hardware of your MacBook then you need to first enter your password then only you can proceed and operate.

  1. Try for safe mode

If you have tried all the above mentioned things and nothing has worked till now then try to reboot the Macbook in safe mode. Safe mode is used to diagnose the issue and fix the errors. When you put the Macbook on safe mode it will increase the speed but limit your actions. So while operating under safe mode it requires a lot of patience.

To reboot the MacBook in safe mode, you have to shut down your MacBook first. Once it is done, using the “ shift “ key you can restart your Macbook.

  1. Disk repair

You will reach this step only if above mentioned tips and steps did not work in your case.  If the above mentioned steps did not work it is genuinely possible that the problem is in the hardware part of the MacBook.

So rush and reach for Macbook repair. As of now, the problem can be rectified by the professional only. Do not take the responsibility of resolving the problem into your hand.

As Macbook is such an important asset to anyone, taking good care of it and maintaining it is one’s responsibility so that its performance is not hampered. It is your sole duty to keep your MacBook updated with the latest software and do check-ups from time to time and even if a small damage is there, do not ignore it. 

Being such an attractive device, the threat has been increased. So to safeguard your Macbook there are various steps that you can take. Some of the ways for protecting your MacBook are as follows: 

  1. Always keep an update 

To safeguard your Macbook and keep yourself away from MacBook repair, it is a must to keep your MacBook updated as per the latest software available. Even though you will regularly receive notifications from MacOS, it would be good if you check for it manually also.

Keeping your MacBook updated with the latest software will keep your Macbook safe from hackers and will also maintain its performance. 

  1. Always use firewall

The operating system of Mac is designed in such a way that it tends to create its own firewall on its own. Using a firewall is mandatory as it will help to keep away the thrift and protect against them.

It also helps to keep secure the personal data of your MacBook. The intruders might enter your MacBook through LAN or the internet but using a firewall will restrict their entry and keep your MacBook safe.

Now to get the firewall enabled in your Macbook from “system preferences”. Under  “ system preferences” you will find “ security and privacy”. Click on it, then select “ firewall setting”.

  1. Encryption

Encryption of the MacBook is another way to safeguard your MacBook. Usually, a feature named “Filevault” is used for data encryption. This feature is by default disabled on your MacBook, you have to enable this feature manually.

For doing so, go to the “File vault” tab on your MacBook and enable the feature of encryption. You can select any radio button you prefer under the present options.

  1. Always use a strong password

It is the most obvious thing to always have a strong password for your Macbook. Having a complex password will help you secure your Macbook from any hacker. There is a built-in “ Password Assistance tool” present in every Macbook. 

So make use of this tool so as to secure your Macbook and restrict the entry of unethical hackers. Try to choose a complex password that contains numbers, symbols and does not have your name or anything which can be decoded easily.

  1. Get an antivirus for your Macbook

It is always recommended to install good antivirus to safeguard your Macbook. Antivirus is a kind of software that is used for preventing, scanning, detecting, and deleting the virus that might attack your MacBook.

Once you have installed the antivirus on your MacBook, it always runs automatically in the background so as to provide you real-time protection against the malicious virus attack.

Antivirus keeps the Macbook free from any external threats and secures from the third-party download as well. Your Macbook might contain some personal information like credit card details or any important official files.

If by and accident you download any song or video from the internet that contains a virus then that virus will enter your MacBook and affect your security. This happens when your Macbook does not have antivirus software.

So to avoid interference on your personal data make sure that your Macbook is installed with good antivirus. Some types of viruses are so strong that they can not be handled even after installing an antivirus. At that time you will have to contact the professionals for MacBook repair.

As it is known that MacBook is an immensely preferred Apple device. Due to its attractive and unique features, it is owned by a large number of people around the world. Due to its unbelievable performance and portable nature, it has been widely used by people for office work while they are moving.

Apart from various features of the MacBook which makes it a great asset, it is also important to pay attention to its maintenance on a regular basis to maintain its efficiency and performance. When needed, go for a MacBook repair, instead of waiting for a long time and damaging it.

Even the tiny fault can also affect the working of the processor. If you are carrying the Macbook, then it is a must that you have basic knowledge about troubleshooting and keep yourself updated about the latest software.

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