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Computer Repair: Everyone using a computer might have experienced this in their lifetime that their computer experiences sudden slow down or automatically shut down or takes time to start. Sometimes there is the sound of any jet plane coming from your computer when you are running any video or playing any game.

And most commonly, your computer is getting heat up. Let me tell you that there could be plenty of reasons for your computer to get hot. But the important thing is to deal with it. If you do not fix the heating problem of your computer then you might break any internal component of the computer due to overheating.

If you delay fixing it, you might end up even getting your computer replaced which will be more expensive than getting your computer repaired. If you face any problem with your computer and you need computer repair or computer screen repair then you can reach us at iCracked-it and our professional experts will help you fix the problem.

One thing you should know is that a computer getting heat up is not a problem but it is more like a symptom that indicates that your computer is not in a good condition and might need to get a repair. 

The heating up of the computer could be caused by a bunch of reasons. One of the primary reasons is the dirty fan which often blocks the cooling capacity of the computer, or it could be due to any virus or malware attack, or any hardware issue.

Now coming on to how to deal with this issue. As discussed already, heating could be due to multiple reasons and investigating the reason behind is a tough task that can be handled by any professional expert only.

So, whenever in need you can search for computer repair near me and reach us at iCracked-it for your computer repair. We provide services in various places like Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on the Thames, Cookham, Taplow.

Let me guide you fully in detail like what all problems could be when your computer is hot and when to reach for computer repair through the following 8 steps.

1. Clean the fans

One of the reasons for your computer to be hot is that your fan is either broken or your fan is not clean. If your computer’s fan is not clean then that might restrict your computer from cooling. Firstly check if the fan is working or not. For this, take your hand near the fan and sense vibrations. Usually, there is a vibration felt when the fan is working.

If the fan is broken or is not working due to any dust then you need to contact the professional to get it done.

Sometimes dirt and dust settle inside the computer, which blocks the cooling ability of the computer making it hot. If you wanna do it on your own then you can simply remove one panel of your computer and then try to clean the exhaust fan on your own.

Make sure that all the dust particles are removed and no debris is left behind. Once the exhaust fan is clean out and you are sure that no particle is remaining then put everything back from where you have taken it out and then check if your computer is working smoothly.

Make it work for some time and then check if it is cooling or not. If everything is fine then you are good to go, if not, then there might be some other issue. So without any delay, you must rush and search for computer repair near me and then visit the repair center and get it done by the professional and let him know what you did before coming to them.

computer repair

2. Always check the surrounding of your computer

If your computer is heating up continuously, check around your computer, that might be the problem. Never place the running computer on the bed, the blankets or the sheets will restrict the flow of air due to the absence of ventilation and will make your computer hot.

Always put the computer on a flat table where the air can flow easily. Sometimes surroundings do matter. If the surroundings are hotter than the usual then use your computer under the air conditioner.

3. Always make use of genuine battery and AC adapters

A second-hand battery or poor quality adapter could be one of the reasons why your computer is heating up. Sometimes when you are in a need to change the battery then to save some money and time you just order the battery online.

There are full chances that online you will get fake or duplicate batteries. These are usually second hand batteries that tend to heat your computer faster. So at the end instead of saving, you might end up losing more. So always use the genuine and original batteries and adapter.

4. Occasionally update your software

Software issues might result in overheating of the computer. So move immediately to the computer repair center and get it fixed by the professionals.

5. Occasionally update your hardware

With time everything needs updating and some maintenance. After some years have passed then you should update your hardware. As for such a long time you have been working on your computer and running heavy applications and all.

Now your hardware is outdated, so it will heat up. Push yourself to the professional and get the computer repair done and replace the hardware if needed.

6. Remove virus and spyware

Surprisingly, it is true that any virus or malicious attack on the computer makes the computer hot. If you do not remove it on time then it might even slow down your computer and might damage any internal part as well.

To avoid this, always install antivirus software on your computer. Sometimes even after installing anti-virus, virus and malware can attack your computer. In that case, you will have to contact the professional and get done with the computer repair. The professionals will clean out all the malicious programs or viruses.

7. Overuse of computer

Sometimes overusing the computer is also the reason behind your computer becoming hot. There might be a situation where you have been running large programs and opening large files or working on your computer continuously for long hours.

Due to this, there might be a possibility that your computer became hot. So just relax and leave your computer for some time without using it. And turn on and check after some time. And if it is still hot then there might be another issue concerned.

8. Try to avoid sunlight

As much as possible, do not use your computer where the temperature is more. Also, keep it away from the direct rays of the sun. keep a moderate to cool surrounding temperature. 

If in your room, your computer is placed near the window then try to use a blackout curtain that blocks the sunlight so that direct rays of the sun do not fall on your laptop. Otherwise it will become hot.

You might have observed that you are working calmly on your computer and suddenly you feel that your computer is becoming hot. You just shut down your computer and then when you restart you feel it is still hot. 

Then you start investigating on your own and check what is wrong with it. Sometimes you even open your CPU and check it. But it doesn’t work. You should directly reach the repair center for computer repair if you feel that your computer is hot.

A professional expert is the best person to take care of this. If you start to do it on your own then you might end up messing up. Along with it try to update your hardware and software from time to time. Make sure that you have installed good anti-virus software on your computer.

Update your computer’s RAM and graphic card and make sure that the fan is working properly and there is enough ventilation. Also, occasionally update the cooling system of your computer.

When the computer has become hot and nothing works then the worst scenario would be to restore your computer. So always have a backup ready for your important documents and files.

Don’t be afraid, we are just a step away. You can reach us for computer repair and our professional experts will help you fix your problem. As at the end of the day you would like your computer to work like before as a brand new one. 

That is why always make a smarter move and go for computer repair whenever needed. Experts and professionals at the repair center have the right knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to fix the problem.

Hire the best repair expert in the market. For this, you can contact us at iCracked-it and you can rely on us for any sort of problem with your computer.

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