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MacBook Pro is an amazing device. It was outperforming all of the devices that came around its time. And a true testament to this device is that a 2012 MacBook Pro is still performing and is able to cover most of the needs of today’s day to day activities. So far, I am sure that you must have realized that I am one of those people who are still using a 2012 MacBook Pro even in 2021 and if you are anything like me, then I am sure you must have faced a couple of issues with your MacBook. But the biggest challenge must be of getting MacBook Pro’s battery replacement. 

Therefore, a fellow MacBook Pro user to another MacBook Pro user, I am going to show you how to get MacBook Pro battery replacement:

Should you try DIY for MacBook Pro battery replacement? 

Before we start to really get into this, I want to clear the air and answer the first question that everyone who has clicked on this article must be wondering, should you really try to fix this issue by trying MacBook Pro battery replacement by yourself? The answer is pretty simple.

This article is specifically focused on the 2012 MacBook battery replacement and Apple will not put their hands on anything older than 7 years. So in case, you are wondering that should you take your MacBook to the Apple service centre, then that option is out of the window. So the only options that you have are to either try DIY for MacBook Pro battery replacement or go out and buy a new computer for yourself. 

However, if you have anything newer then I would firmly recommend you to check if you have a warranty left before performing anything on your Mac. Or you can surely visit one of our stores in Berkshire. iCracked-it is one of the most recognized and trustworthy names in Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on the Thames, Cookham and Taplow. We have Apple certified technicians who will make sure that you get your MacBook Pro’s battery replaced in no time. The reason that I am recommending you guys to check for the warranty first is, if you will open the back by yourself then you will lose any valid warranty. 

That being said, since I don’t have a warranty (like most of you who are still using a 2012 model MacBook Pro in 2021), and Apple is not going to take my MacBook. I have decided to perform MacBook Pro battery replacement by myself. Nearly, £40 and 10 minutes of my time later, it is most certainly feel completely worth it. 

Just a little side note, while I am preparing this article (yes, on the same 2012 MacBook Pro with the newly replaced battery) I only had this new battery for a couple of days. So I will keep you guys updated regarding the performance of the replacement battery over few months.

This DIY 2012 MacBook Pro battery replacement is pretty straightforward. Basically, everything that you have to do is to go on Amazon or find a reseller for batteries, purchase an A1322 battery and spend around 10 to 30 minutes replacing it. 

If you are comfortable with a screwdriver and have a bit of patience, then I would definitely say go for it, you can easily replace the batter. But if there is any chance that opening your Mac by yourself gives you butterflies in your stomach then you should surely hire a professional for MacBook Pro battery replacement. 

Best way to find the right MacBook Pro replacement battery:

As I mentioned earlier, you can easily get on Amazon as I did for my MacBook. You can also use any online or in store reseller for your MacBook. The important thing is to find an A1322 battery cell that is designed to fit specifically the 2012 MacBook Pro. 

What I usually do is, check reviews before making any purchase. Same way, I always check reviews for the battery before making the purchase and I firmly recommend going for a middle price battery that is not that hard on your pocket while maintaining the quality of the battery cell. I do not recommend you to go for the super cheap one, as this is the battery that we are talking about. If the battery cells are not up to the mark then you might have to go through the whole project again soon. 

It is highly recommended that you order a battery that has a set of screwdriver attached to it. Because most of the batteries are designed in a way that their screws are different from standard flat or some of the popular brands. Therefore, a screwdriver kit will not only be handy when you will be replacing the battery but also a necessity for the MacBook Pro battery replacement. 

Necessary tools for 2012 MacBook Pro battery replacement:

It is common sense that you would not be needed too many tools to upgrade your battery on MacBook Pro. All you need is a proper screwdriver kit for your battery and a spudger. 

Unfortunately, most of the standard household screwdriver kits would not fit the screws on your MacBook Pro. So, you are going to need the right kit a set of screwdrivers that is designed for opening your MacBook.

These are the 3 basic steps DIY for MacBook Pro battery replacement:

There are definitely perks of having an older MacBook Pro, especially when your Mac is older than the 2012 version. As the battery replacement for the older models is pretty straightforward. In fact, anyone can perform the battery upgrade in just 3 simple and easy steps as follows:

  1. Back cover removal
  2. Get the old battery out and install the new one
  3. Reattach the back cover

In order to perform this operation, let’s discuss these steps in depth:

  1. Back Cover Removal:

Before we start de-assembling your MacBook Pro, you must make sure that your MacBook is shut off and it is unplugged from the wall charger. We do not want the power running while you are opening the computer. 

Once you make sure that it is not connected to any kind of power, then flip the computer over, and take your screwdriver and take out each of the screws one by one. 

A pro tip, try placing the screws next to where they actually belonged before or put the screws in a similar way on the table that way you will remember, which screw came from where. 

This way you can make that you put the same screw to the same hole. As some of the screws will be longer than others and putting the same screw to where they came from will ensure the long life of these connectors. Therefore, it is very important not to mix them up.

Once you take out all the screws, you can take off the cover. Loosen up the edges and gently lift the cover off the back of the MacBook Pro. Place that cover on your table or somewhere safe. We will get back to it soon. 

  1. Get the old battery out and install the new one:

Now, we are inside the MacBook Pro. Real work will start from here. You have to disconnect the battery very carefully. In order to do this, grab one of your spudger tools and gently move it back and forth around the battery connector. 

The aim here is to only make sure that you loosen up the connector so that you can take the battery out with your fingers; however, you must take extra caution while you are rocking that spudger or taking the battery out that you don’t hit any other surrounding components. 

Now, grab one of the three prong screwdrivers that came with your battery pack. As mentioned earlier standard and regular tools won’t work for these screws as we have already discussed. So while making the purchase for the battery always make sure you purchase one with the screwdriver set attached to it. 

Once you find the right screwdriver for your MacBook Pro, lose up the two screws on either side of the battery. The screw situated on the left is smaller in comparison and the second screw situated on the right is longer than the other. You must make sure not to mix them because we are going to use them again with the new battery.

You can use the flaps on the battery and the spudger tool to get the old battery out of the socket. Once you take it out of the socket, place it to the side. Then, take the new battery and put it in the exact same spot in a similar way in the same case. 

While placing the battery in the same space, you must make sure that you give yourself some extra space on the connector side, so that you’re not squeezing the cord down. But wait, don’t just connect the new battery yet.

We will connect the battery after we’re done working inside the case. Now, line up the battery and replace the battery screws. I would highly recommend you to go between both screws and make sure that you have tied up everything firmly. You can also perform a final tightening of the screws and battery to make sure that the battery is connected. 

Finally, reattach the battery connectors to the mainboard of the computer and then close the case. 

  1. Reattach the back cover:

Once you have attached the battery and set the screws in the socket, take the back cover and align it over the MacBook Pro. The ultimate goal here is to make sure that the seams are flush and everything is well aligned. As we have aligned the screws in the first step, reconnect them now. Once the battery is aligned properly and screws are set then flip your MacBook Pro upright and press the power button and see if your system is starting. 

If you have made all the connections properly that means everything is well, you’ll see the main boot screen on the display. Now, give your computer some time to boot up and then check the battery percentage that it shows. After the system starts working, you should run a system report by going to Apple > About This Mac > System Report. This should open the power tab on the left

This is exactly what you want to check when you turn on the system because it shows that the battery is accepted and recognized by the system. Additionally, if you are getting the Replace Soon warning for the battery, then it means there is something wrong. So just open the system back again and check if all the connections are made properly as it should be gone and battery condition should be set to Normal. 

Battery conditioning and calibration for the MacBook Pro:

I personally recommend everyone after MacBook Pro battery replacement to go through a few conditioning cycles. Here what you really need to do is to drain your battery down to a single digit and then let it charge it at 100%. 

After your battery is fully charged, let it drain again down to a single digital again. Repeat this process a couple of times. You can surely check with the manufacturer to get more details on how to perform different operations for calibration and conditioning for the battery. 

This is how you can easily perform a DIY for 2012 MacBook Pro battery replacement at your home in hardly 10 to 30 minutes depending on the command that you have over the tools. I have tried to illustrate all the steps in the easiest way possible and the process itself is very easy and straightforward. Any MacBook Pro before and till 2012 is the easiest to perform this task on. I hope this article will help you with any battery related issues on the MacBook Pro. If you find these steps difficult, then you can always try our store iCracked-it in Berkshire where it can be done within few minutes by Apple certified technicians. Also, do not forget to recycle your old battery. 

How much does it cost to replace MacBook Air 2012 battery?

Pricing and terms might vary at other service providers. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. If shipping is required, we’ll add an additional A$ 19.95 shipping fee.

Does Apple replace MacBook screens for free?

There’s no charge if the issue is covered under warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law. If your issue isn’t covered, the price depends on the type of repair.

Is my 2012 MacBook Pro obsolete?

Apple will soon add 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display models produced in Mid 2012 to its list of obsolete devices, and will be ineligible for hardware service at Apple locations.

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