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We are living in an era where we want everything at the comfort of our palms. And iPhones have played a huge part in it. iPhones are not just about the convenience of modern technology but it is also a style and status symbol for many of us. This has made the iPhone one of the biggest smartphone sellers in the world. But luxury doesn’t come cheap, iPhones are not cheap nor are iPhone repair services.

For many of us, iPhones have become an integral part of our lives, so it is pretty clear that if there is any problem or issues arise in your iPhone, our lives get turned upside down. And it is not easy to trust anyone for your iPhone repair services. As iPhones are very expensive pieces of technology and lack of experience in handling iPhone repairs may cause more damage to your phone. Whenever your iPhone is facing any of the following issues you need to get it fixed, from not just any smart-phone repair shop, but from a place that specialized in handling iPhone repair services.

iCracked it, knows how to fix your iPhone at the minimum time and get your life back on track as soon as possible. We have Apple Certified Technicians who know how to deal with iPhones. We have seen many common problems faced by iPhone users when they come to us for iPhone repair services. Here are 8 of the most common problems faced by people in their iPhones when they come to see us.


Battery issues are literally the most common issue that we see. And without a consistent and good battery in place, your iPhone or any other gadget becomes completely useless. There might be many different reasons possible behind this issue from charges that fade too quickly or other direct causes that trace directly back to the battery itself. And in most cases, to fix such an issue a simple iPhone battery replacement works perfectly; However, in some more complicated cases, we do need to check the circuit and connections of the phone.


Nowadays, touchscreens have taken over almost all the functionality of the smartphone. But there are still a couple of necessary uses like volume up down buttons and lock screen buttons. These buttons give the ease of access for many direct functions but these can get compromised if they stopped working. Generally, this problem arises in frequently used buttons like the home button or the side volume switches. It can be really frustrating at times


Did I say battery issues are the most cause to bring you to the iPhone repair services? Cracked screens are the most common reason that you have to come to iPhone repair services. But this is a user induced issue. In a rush to take your phone with you everywhere, many people inevitably end up dropping it on the floor. Hence, a sight that no one ever wants to see, a cracked screen on your iPhone. Most of the users still use the phone even after the cracked screen but that may lead to a bigger issue in the longer run. And it is never fun to show off your iPhone with a cracked screen.


iPhones are great, they easily outperform most smartphones in terms of processor and speed. And another great perk of having an iPhone is its ability to take amazing pictures from its camera. And if an iPhone loses its ability to take crystal sharp pictures, it diminishes its value. It’s the age of social media; we are taking more snap photographs than we ever did. And having a phone that takes fuzzy or distorted photographs is useless. In such cases, changing the lens should be on the primary agenda for any iPhone repair services.


Another perk of having an iPhone is that you can access the internet from virtually anywhere. Signal reception is excellent with the iPhone. But in some cases, your operating system may face issues like having a proper reception, call drops, inability to access the internet or even downloading different kinds of stuff like applications or even pictures. This is a clear indication that you need to visit iPhone repair services.


Just like the display of the iPhone, the back-glass is also susceptible to drops. That being said, back-glasses are not that easy to crack, it is a rare occurrence. But changing the back-glass is nearly as expensive as changing the display. The reason it is as expensive is the glass is bonded with some space-age polymer. This bond makes it very difficult to replace or even to remove from the rear of the iPhone with any traditional tools. But at iCracked it, we have the right tools and equipment and well-trained Apple certified technicians who can make sure that replacement of your back-glass is done properly in the shortest amount of time.


Water damages are another user induced issue in iPhones. Many times it has happened that users have dropped their iPhones into water. It can be anything from a puddle, to the bathtub or even a friend pushing you in a swimming pool while having your iPhone in your pocket. Water and technology are always a bad mix, even though many flagship smartphones are now waterproof, they are in reality water resistant and it is always advisable to keep your phones away from water.

Now, that we have discussed most of the common issues faced by iPhone users and reasons for them to visit iPhone repair services, let’s discuss the best solution where you can get all these issues to fix and get a one stop easy solution.

iCracked is an iPhone repair services centre situated at Maidenhead. We have Apple certified technicians, our experience and expertise for repairing any iPhone are unmatched. We can solve any issue that you are facing with your iPhone at the most reasonable cost and at the shortest time possible.


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