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Nowadays it is common for many of you to carry an iPhone because of its brilliant and eye-catching features. It is also a well known fact that every electronic gadget faces some or another issue once in a while. The same goes for iPhone users as well. There may arise many common issues with various easy solutions associated with the iPhone.

Once in a while, many of you might have experienced the dreadful situation when your iPhone slips from your hand and crashes on the floor. Internally you will be in fear and you hope that by any magic your phone is saved and has a hold on the deadly impact. But as you pick up your phone you find that the screen of your iPhone is broken and is worn out into many pieces. Then you just look towards your iPhone and think now what you should do, how am I going to get my iPhone screen repaired? 

In 2013, it was calculated that a total of 150,000,000 iPhones were sold and there is no hidden secret that there are now various options for fixing the broken screen. Some of the options you have are, you can send your iPhone back to Apple or you can also contact the third party for repairing it. But how to know what will be the best option for you? Every option has its own pros and consequences.

Besides iPhone screen cracking due to falling on the ground there are many more reasons by which your screen might get damaged. Some of them are like your iPhone might fall in the water during a bath or while you are getting wet in the rain and you forgot to place your iPhone at some proper dry place. Or sometimes it happens that the screen automatically gets turned off and it never turns off even after using so many tips and tricks.

iPhone screens can get damaged due to many factors and there is no certainty when and how. So whenever you face a problem with your iPhone screen you can visit iCracked-it for iPhone screen repair. We provide services in many cities like Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on Thomas, Cookham, Taplow.

This content will be useful for everyone, also for those whose iPhone is in a working state as accidents can happen anywhere and anytime and at that time if you know your options then that will be very helpful for you.

Let us go through the details on how to select the best option for iPhone screen repair.

  • Fixing it yourself: 

In today’s digital world, you will find everything available on the internet, either on google or youtube. The Internet is the best place to get all our problems resolved. Through online resources, you will get all the information along with the step by step guide to replace the touchscreen of your iPhone and get your iPhone screen repaired.

As every scheme comes with some pros and consequences, this option also comes with some advantages and disadvantages. iPhone screen repair at home, on your own, will help you save a lot of money. As there is no third party involved so no dollar will be spent on it. 

Before starting any work you should have some knowledge in that field, the same is the case in iPhone screen repair. You must have some associated knowledge of phone repair else you might end up with even worsening the condition.

At this point, there is no surprise that sometimes when you order a product online, you will get a duplicate product or fake products. So before purchasing any new parts online, you must track the right replacement part and beware of fake ones else the quality of the iPhone will be degraded and you might end up paying for the faulty parts. 

However, the quality of the iPhone is something you will never gonna compromise with. And if you choose an option to purchase any parts or products online then you might not get the correct pixel ratio, the brightness of the screen might get deteriorated.

As duplicate screen parts are dull and they display less vibrant colours. It might also hamper your 3D touch experience as the touch will not be that smooth as the original scene one. Another big concern associated with the duplicate or fake parts is that there is a risk of duplicate connectors, which will tend to damage the original board components in the iPhone.

When you have a full guarantee that you will be receiving the best quality and original product from the retailer then only go for this option otherwise there will be no use. In the end instead of saving the repair amount, you will end up even paying more with fake products. So always opt for the right and original product for iPhone screen repair.

You might also require some special kinds of tools for iPhone screen repair. As with the basic tools you have at your place will not help you to open the iPhone and repair it. The essential tools include small screwdrivers, a great gun, canned air, etc. If you have these tools at your home then it’s great otherwise you will have to purchase these tools for iPhone screen repair. These tools are easily available online or at any general store as well.

The first step you take while iPhone screen repair on your own is disassembling the iPhone screen parts. This step has to be carried out very carefully and each and every internal part of your earphone has to be dismantled with proper care so that you might not cause any further damage to the iPhone screen.

Sometimes you feel and have confidence that you will be able to diagnose your iPhone and will repair the screen on your own, as you have little knowledge of how to do it and you have all the essential tools. As and when you have started to repair your iPhone and have disassembled the parts, you realize that it’s not your cup of tea. Then this will lead to a serious problem as now you are having a cracked iPhone in front of you which requires reassembling all the parts properly and in the right place.

You might take full authority with surety for iPhone screen repair, but if anything goes wrong during the process then there is a chance that you might end up damaging the main logic board of your iPhone which makes it unusable for the future and will not be fixed even by the third party or at the Apple store. And in such conditions, it will not be replaced as well.

  • Go for repair or replacement to Apple service centre: 

You always have an option to go to your local Apple store and can enquire about the replacement or repair of your damaged iPhone screen. If you go for iPhone screen repair, then some stores might get your iPhone replaced with the new one. When you have purchased the iPhone you might sometimes get an offer or buy the iPhone under some policies or plans that can be checked by the Apple store for you.

The best part of choosing this option is, you will get your phone repaired correctly and there will be no chance of any fake or faulty parts. Also sometimes you might get it replaced with a brand new iPhone.

Another plus point of this choice is that you will not be losing your warranty if you have AppleCare. Which adds a great benefit to you as your iPhone screen repair will also be done plus your warranty will also be not affected.

Now if you see the consequences, you will notice that every iPhone does not come with the benefit of repair or replacement. Thus, your phone might not get an offer for replacement in case of iPhone screen repair

You might also end up paying a huge price for replacement. The replacement is never for free. The cost of replacing the Apple iPhone’s screen is a lot of money for just iPhone screen repair. It might not sound pocket friendly to many iPhone users.

Also when there is the replacement of a phone, you will be getting a new iPhone on behalf of your old one with a cracked screen, you might end up losing your important data and all the applications have to be reinstalled as the complete phone is replaced. 

Once you enter the Apple store for iPhone screen repair, the store workers will try hard to convince you to purchase many irrelevant stuff and accessories which are unrelated to the repair. So you might end up even paying beyond the replacement charges.

This option is rather a time consuming option. You might be kept on hold or waiting for a long time especially at the time of weekends and holidays. This might get frustrating sometimes and total wastage of time and patience.

  • Visiting a trustworthy third party repair shop: 

The third and the last option you can give a try for iPhone screen repair is to visit any trusted third party shop for repairing the damage. Only if you are well assured that you will not be scammed or you will not get any fake products then only can opt for visiting a repair shop which is a trustworthy repair shop.

A lot of benefits come when you talk about visiting a trustworthy shop. The first and most important benefit is the cost of repair. It would just cost you $179 for repairing the screen of the iPhone is way lesser when compared to Applecare prices for just a simple iPhone screen repair. 

Also, you will get the guarantee of the repair work for 1 year if your iPhone screen repair is done at the third party repair shop. All your phone data will be saved and all the settings remain the same as before. It will be worry free screen repair.

It saves a lot of time as it is done faster when compared to iPhone screen repair at Apple stores. At the trusted repair store you might get the screen repair done even within an hour whereas when you compare to the Apple store, it takes much more time like many days.

Also, there is a surety that the trusted third party shop person will use only high quality repair parts and no used parts. So you will get a guarantee that no used or fake parts will be used. It will all be a brand new one and you will not have to compromise with the quality of the parts.

The only consequence you will have to face on visiting any trusted third party store for iPhone screen repair is, you might lose your warranty associated with Apple care if you have AppleCare. It is very difficult for Apple to detect if you have taken any services from a third party store but it is mentioned in the policy of Apple that you will lose the Apple care warranty if you take any services from a third party that is other than Apple store.

For everyone who owns an iPhone, it is a big asset for them and if any dreadful incident occurs it will affect the user. The incident may occur to anyone at any point of view so knowing what all options you can have and which option will fit you best in advance would be good for everyone. You can choose any of the options for iPhone screen repair on the basis of needs and requirements. The problem may occur at any time so you must be aware of your options prior to rectifying the problem. So by looking at the above pros and consequences you can easily make a choice as to which option you can go with. You can visit iCracked-it for your iPhone screen repair. We provide services in many cities like Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on Thomas, Cookham, Taplow.

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