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Laptop repair near me:

In today’s generation, many people are gadget friendly and with the innovation of new gadgets, people are more prone to it. Many people might have a Mac also many of you might have faced a problem where your mac might not get turned on or it is getting hung up while switching on. These are some normal scenarios that might take place and at that point in time people get so vulnerable, and fear like it is the end of the world. But sometimes the problem is not as big as you think. 

There are many chances that you can fix your Mac on your own without dealing with any technicians. Yes, you heard it right, you can have your Mac repair done by yourselves without visiting any Mac repair shop. The first and foremost thing that has to be checked before proceeding further is whether your Mac is plugged in or not and the battery is not ruined.

Many times there occurs certain problems due to which your MacBook is not functioning or powering on. But you don’t have to worry as those problems can be rectified by yourself at home without visiting the Mac repair shop. After analysis, if you find that the problem cannot be rectified by you then you can visit our service center, iCracked-it for Mac repair in London. We have our service centers in Maidenhead, Marlow, Henley on the Thames, Cookham, Taplow.

There are various issues that might not be letting your Mac turn on. Let us give a brief glance at each and every scenario that might be held.

1. Checking the power of your Mac

Many times it happens that your Mac is not charged or the battery is nil and that is the reason it is not turning on and you reach the service center for Mac repair. So the first thing you should check when any problem occurs in your Mac is whether your Mac is having a charge or is nil with the charge.

If your Mac does not have a charge then the first priority is to charge the Mac before running any function. After charging for a couple of minutes try to switch it on, if it does not turn on then you will need to perform the next step. 

2. Checking the charger of your Mac

If the charger is plugged in and the battery is not getting charged on your Mac then you need to check for the charger wire and the connector pin whether it is working fine or not. If the charger wire and the connector pin are working fine then there might be an issue with your charger. 

And if they are not working fine then you need to change your charger, as charging with the defective charger might risk your battery and the battery might get damaged very soon.

3. Try to boot your Mac

The next option you can try when your Mac screen is not turning on is to boot your Mac before trying the option of the Mac repair shop. There are ample chances that your Mac will turn on when you boot it. 

When it reflects “safe boot” it means your Mac is now on the safer side and there is no need to visit the Mac repair shop. So before visiting the service center in a hurry, try to boot your Mac. And if after boot, “safe boot” does not get displayed then it means that your Mac requires immediate attention and service. So at that time, you can reach us at iCracked-it for Mac repair in London

4. Resetting the system management control

The next option you will have is to reset your entire system. SMC which stands for System Management Control is the key responsible system for various standard level functions. Some of the functions which are monitored by System Management Control are battery settings, the display functions and the most important power button functions. 

So in a net shell, you can say that the System management control controls all the base level functions of the Mac. So when your Mac is not turning on, try to reset it. It also proved to be helpful in better engagement of your Mac.

Now let us revive the methods for how to reset the System management control. There will be two conditions while you are resetting the SMC which are when the Mac has a removable battery and when the battery cannot be removed. Let us learn them one by one.

  • When the battery of mac is non removable: The following steps have to be performed when your Mac battery cannot be removed.
  1. The first step is to shut down your Mac and then plug in the power cord.
  2. Then the next step is to press the “Shift-Control” option and then press the power button of your Mac.
  3. Hold the above mentioned keys for at least 10 seconds before you release them.
  4. Release the keys.
  5. Now finally press the power button and try to start your Mac normally.
  • When the battery of your Mac is removable: It becomes much easier sometimes when your Mac has removable batteries. Follow the following steps for turning on your Mac when the batteries of your mac can be removed.
  1. Firstly, remove the battery.
  2. Secondly, press the power button and hold the key for about 5 seconds.
  3. Lastly, insert the battery back to the mac and make sure you insert the battery back at the correct position and then press the power button again to start the Mac.

5. Reinstalling the Mac Operating System

Sometimes your Mac is not turning on due to some software issue also. So first of all try all the solutions which are mentioned above and if nothing works and your Mac still does not turn on then you need to uninstall the operating system of your Mac and reinstall it back.

If there is any issue occurring because of the operating system software then uninstalling and then reinstalling the operating system will resolve that issue and then your Mac will turn on and will work perfectly fine as before.

6. Hardware related issues

So the next thing which comes into the picture after following all mentioned steps is to check whether there is any hardware issue. Hardware related issues also result in a situation where the Mac will not turn on and you will need a visit to the Mac repair shop

In most cases, you will see that the reason behind the Mac not turning on is due to the hardware issue. Hardware issues might affect the internal system of the Mac which can lead to an issue where each and every system of the Mac gets affected.

  • When there is no RAM installed: Sometimes your Mac will not turn on when there is no Ram installed in your Mac. So before reaching the service center for Mac repair in London, check whether your Mac has RAM installed or not. As it is mandatory to have Mac installed on every electronic device. Therefore, if you don’t have RAM installed in your Mac, that might be the reason your Mac is not turning on. 
  • Possibility of power issue: If your charger pin connector has any problem then there will not be any continuous supply of power from the charger to Mac. At this point in time, it will be better to take your Mac to the service center and get the charging port replaced.
  • Power cycle: Each and every Mac is associated with them the maximum power cycle count. When your Mac reaches its limit of power cycle count then there is a necessity to change the battery of your Mac. Even this can be one of the many reasons why your Mac is not turning on.

7. Always be ready with the backup: 

Before you even start to find the root cause for Mac not turning on, the most important thing is to make your data safe and to make your data safe, it is a must have a backup ready. It is really a good practice to back up your data on a regular basis but if you don’t, then try to do it as the first thing before trying anything else. 

In case your Mac is not Rebooting then you must use an external hard drive for backup. You can achieve this by pressing the Command + R keys. Also, you have access to any spare Mac and both of them have a firewall installed, then it would be great for you to make a backup of your data using the external hard drive.

Mac has something which makes everyone attracted towards it, either because of its look or might be due to its phenomenal performance. Therefore, due to this reason, the rate of protection is also at a higher stake. Therefore, there are a number of preventive measures that you can take to safeguard your Mac from thieves, hackers and all. Some of the tips to protect your Mac are as follows:

  1. Always remain updated: To safeguard your Mac it is crucial to keep it always updated as per the latest software. Keeping the software updated every time will benefit you in keeping the hackers away thus, protecting your Mac.
  2. Always make use of Firewall: It is a tendency of Mac to make a built-in firewall. 
  3. These built-in firewalls will help you to protect your Mac from burglary, as they will restrict the thieves from entering into your Mac, either through LAN or the Internet. Also, all the personal data on your Internet is kept safe.
  4. Always use a strong password: Another important tip to safeguard your Mac is to protect it with any strong or complex password that is unbreakable by anyone else. So that it will render unethical hackers to enter your Mac.
  5. Encryption: Encryption is another feature you can use for securing your Mac. FileVault is a type of feature that you can use to encrypt your data. By default, this feature has been disabled in your Mac so you need to enable this feature on your Mac so as to encrypt your Mac. If you keep your Mac up to date and follow all the tips then your Mac would be safe and there is the surety that you will not require a visit to the Mac repair shop unless an accident happens.
  6. Getting an antivirus: In addition to the above mentioned tips, you must also have an antivirus for your mac. This will help you to secure your mac from third-party download and protect it from any unusual threats. Mac is like an asset for everyone, so it is not advisable to compromise with the security of your Mac. Thus, it’s very important to follow the above mentioned steps and if not and you look for any professional technician for your Mac protection or Mac repair in London then you can definitely visit iCracked-it for it.

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If none of the above mentioned solutions works for you then you are left with only one option that is to visit the Mac repair shop, as at this point in time your Mac requires technicians to rectify the correct default. You can visit iCracked-it and get the Mac repaired in London. We have service centers at various places like Maidenhead, Marlow, Henley on the Thames, Cookham, Taplow.

If the performance of your Mac is degraded then at the Mac repair shop, automatic protection features of utility will be disabled. These utilities are helpful to monitor the performance of the system. These features automatically get turned off when your performance boost is critical. So if nothing is working well for you, you always have the last and crucial option left for you, which is to visit the Mac repair shop.

At the service center at last you will get the best supervision by the hands of well experienced technicians who have thorough knowledge about the Mac and its parts. The technicians are professional and have full hands on the Mac repair. You will get the best facility with the great quality of products as the product quality is never compromised here.

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