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There is no doubt that Mac is certainly the most sought after product out of the whole Apple products range. In fact, Mac is the most popular device in the Laptops categories. One of the biggest reason behind its success is that it is a hassle free product, and if you are one of the lucky ones, it can go for years without giving you any sort of trouble; However, there are some unfortunate ones who face issues in their Mac when it refuses to finish rebooting.

The exact reason may still not sure, but there are a couple of steps you can take which can help you in these situations. So before heading directly to any Mac Repair Shop whenever you face any issues, here is the list of steps that you can take to save some money for you.

1.    Keep A Safe Backup:

Keeping our data safe is always the first priority on our list, and it is very important that even before we discover the roots of the problem, we must secure our data. For that reason, we must make a backup. Some of us are actually pre-emptive and have a habit of regularly backing up the data, but if the backup is not ready, it is highly advisable to create one before trying anything new.

In case you come to our shop for the Mac repair in Maidenhead, we always suggest you use an external hard drive for backup and if you don’t have one, we assist you with it. And if you have another MacBook with you, then you can use a Command + R key to get it done. You can use another device as a backup drive as well; however, we only recommend you to do so if both the devices have a firewall. 

2.    Shutting Down The Mac:

If you are one of those people who keep a proper backup, then you are good to move further. Now, shut down the Mac and disconnect it from all of the peripherals that are connected to your Mac. And before starting this procedure, make sure that you charge your Mac to 100% so that you can disconnect the charger from the device as well. Once it is disconnected from all the equipment, you can try rebooting the device again, if the device is working fine now that means you have an issue with the peripherals and not the device.

However, if your device is still not functioning the way it should be, then you can go to the nearest store to get help. iCracked-it is one of the most reliable names when you are looking to get your Mac repair in London. We will help you to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

3.    Try A Different Approach With The Startup Manager:

This one may get a little tricky for some of us. To get your Mac to start working again, you need to press the Options + Power keys at the same time. This will lead you to the disk which you want to boost first. Those who are using Fireware Hardware may need to enter the password before starting this procedure.

4.    Using The Safe Mode:

 nothing that we have tried so far has worked for you than using the safe mode to get your Mac start is the next best option for you. In order to get into safe mode, you must shut down your system. Now, when you are trying to turn it on, use the Shift key, this will take you to the safe mode. Before you start this procedure, you must know that safe mode is much more complicated and is also comparatively slower. So trying out this method could actually test your patience.

If this also didn’t work for you, or you are not looking to take any chance by getting into the Safe mode then the safest way for you would be to go to the Mac Repair Shop. iCracked-it have Apple certified technicians for Mac repair in Maidenhead. This means you will get the best solution for your Macbooks with us.

5.    Disk Repair:

If you are down to the 5th point, it is safe to say that none of the other tips worked for you. This only means one thing, that your Mac is having a hardware issue. In such a case, it is advisable for you to take it to the professionals. iCracked-it has the best service out there to get Mac repair in Maidenhead.

Regardless of the hardware or the software issue, your MacBook is very important for you. We understand it and if none of the tips mentioned above works for you, we are here to help. iCracked-it is a reputable service shop for Mac repair in Maidenhead. Our Apple certified technicians can take care of any problem that you are facing.

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