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MacBook is one of the most successful Apple products to date, there is no doubt in the popularity of MacBook around the world. The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people around the globe who owns it is the testimonial in itself. It is not only exceeding expectations in terms of performance but it is also very stylish, compact in size and easily carried around everywhere. All this combined make it perfect for work device on the move.

Even though it has seemingly no issues initially, like all other electronic devices MacBook also ages. Even though its seamless performance in handling daily tasks, it needs to be maintained regularly to keep the brilliant performance. Do not wait to go to the MacBook repair Shop until your device suffers from severe damages.

However, one should always learn how to troubleshoot a MacBook by oneself. This will help you understand which problems are simpler enough that you don’t need to go to the MacBook repair shop and for which you really need the expert’s hand to get the MacBook Repairs done. The device is the having advanced level craftsmanship and this makes it very sensitive as well. Even a tiny bit of a problem can turn out to be a big issue over time. And you don’t want that to happen especially when you are working on some serious project and everything that you require is in the faulty MacBook. In such cases, you can always get help from us, iCracked-it. We are one of the most recognizable and trusted centres for MacBook repair in Maidenhead and MacBook repair in Berkshire.

To get great performance and consistency from your MacBook requires regular service.

First thing first, you should only hand over your MacBook to Apple certified technicians. At iCracked-it, we have Apple certified technicians for MacBook repair in Maidenhead and MacBook repair in Berkshire. Always make sure that the technicians have acquired enough training and knowledge to carry out MacBook repairs properly.

Here is the list of things that can be optimized by a skilled technician to improve the performance of your MacBook.

  1. Switching to Simplicity:

One of the best things about the MacBook is its entertaining applications and creative effects that make working on a MacBook really appealing to our eyes. But it does affect the performance of your MacBook. It is possible that your technician may decide or recommend you to turn off some of these features in order to get the performance of your MacBook improved and make your devices faster.

Some of the examples of these effects could include but not limit to disabling window effects, stopping the animated desktop background, close non-essential dashboard widgets and skipping the iTunes Visuals and so on.

  1. Upgrading RAM:

Computers’ performance may vary depending on the different specifications and RAM is one of the most crucial parts to get the speedy performance out of the computer. And MacBook is no exception. More RAM means faster and better performance of your MacBook. So if your system requires one, your technician will install additional RAM to your system.

With our experienced and skilled technicians at iCracked-it, we provide the best quality parts for MacBook repair in London, Maidenhead and Berkshire. With us, you can be rest assure about the quality as we have the best warranty policy for our parts.

  1. Free Space On Disk:

It is a well known fact that the MacBook uses a lot of virtual memory, this means it requires a lot of free space in disk space on the start-up disk. If your start-up disk is low on available space, that can be the root problem for the low speed and poor performance of your MacBook.

iCracked-it has apple certified technicians for MacBook repair in Berkshire, they can easily identify the unnecessary files in the start-up disk and they will make everything that they can to get the maximum available space for you. This will automatically improve the performance of your device.

It is possible that if the performance of your MacBook is extremely poor, then the technician may disable the automatic protection features of utilities. The main function of these utilities is to keep an eye on system performance, viruses and automated data recovery and to ensure these operations use processor cycles. And if a performance boost is really required then these features can be turned off. Additionally, to increase the machine’s working speed, you can always disable the fancy fonts. There are several different fonts active which can affect the efficiency of the device.

Our technician can help you with font management using third party applications if required. Not only that he or she will help you identify many features which may not be necessary for you but maybe affecting the speed of the system. Disabling such features may result in a significant increase in the speed of your MacBook. Our experts may also show you how to do the same to make sure that you get excellent performance out of your device all the time. Because for us, customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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