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Samsung Battery Replacement: It’s a true saying that nothing lasts forever. This statement follows the batteries of the smartphone also. Every battery comes with a specific time span. Usually, Samsung batteries have a tolerance capacity of up to 300 to 600 cycles of count and after that, it starts losing its capacity.

And when the cycle count has reached its saturation level then your Samsung phone’s battery will start behaving abnormally. Things will turn quite irritating and you will know that it’s the time that you need to do a Samsung battery replacement.

Samsung batteries usually stay up till this count of a cycle if handled with prop[er care and maintenance but if not then you might need Samsung battery replacement even before the completion of the cycle count.

If there is any sure-short sign of battery damage or you are facing any issue with the Samsung battery and you are not sure what to do and where to go then just search for Samsung battery replacement near me and reach iCracked-it.

We have skilled professional technicians who will get your battery replaced and fix the problem.  We have our service centers at Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor, Henley on the Thames, Cookham, Taplow.

Sometimes people do not know when to get their battery replaced as they do not understand the signs they might be getting a bad battery. So let us discuss some of the sure-shot signs that you might see when you need to get a Samsung battery replacement.

1. Your Samsung phone is not turning on

One of the most common and the easiest way to find out whether your battery is in a working state or not is when your phone is not turning on. Sometimes this can be due to some other internal damage or might be actually your battery is dead and you need to charge your phone.

So first put the Samsung phone on power and connect a charger to it and charge it for about 20 minutes and then check whether it is getting charged or not. If it’s getting charged then the battery is fine and you are good to go but if not then your battery is dead and you need a Samsung battery replacement.

If you charge your phone and it’s getting charged and you hear the sound of notifications and alerts from your phone but you could not see anything on the display screen then there might be an issue with the display of your Samsung phone and not the battery of the phone.

In that case, search for a Samsung phone repair center and get it repaired. Sometimes there could also be a chance that there is a fault in the charger and that is the reason your phone is not getting charged and turning on. So try to charge your Samsung phone with different chargers to confirm where the fault is.

Now when the fault is known and if it is due to the battery and you are sure then you can definitely reach for Samsung battery replacement.

2. Your Samsung phone is showing the sign of life only when connected to the charger

When your Samsung phone is dead and the screen is not turning on, nothing is visible on the screen, and you have checked on all the possibilities of the screen being damaged. Then comes the next step to be followed. 

Take your Samsung phone and connect it with your charger and keep it for a few minutes like 20  to 30 minutes on charging. After 30 minutes, try to turn on your phone. If it is turning on and begins to work then disconnect the charger and check again if it’s working the same.

If the power cuts off or the battery starts to drain as soon as the charger is removed then it is clear that your battery is damaged or dead and you need to go for a Samsung battery replacement.

Your phone is only functional when the power is drawn from the charger, the minute the charger is removed the battery starts draining. This means that the phone was running on the power of the charger and your battery is dead.

3. Battery draining fast even after fully charged

On average, a modern smartphone like the Samsung phone tends to last for about 5 to 8 hours after it is fully charged until it is completely discharged. Also, it is obvious that this calculation varies from user to user and from handset to handset.

This number depends upon various factors so it keeps on changing from user to user. Like if your phone is new then the battery life is far better and with time it starts draining faster when used over a period of time.

Similarly, there are certain factors that affect the battery life of your phone. Like if you use your phone on a regular basis, use some apps which drain the battery faster, you forget to close the apps after using them, playing games for long hours, updating the software.

These factors might cause your battery life to decrease from 5 to 8 hours to 3 to 4 hours from full discharge. So the battery draining and the life of the battery depend upon how the user uses it.

If you charge your phone fully and when you remove the charger you see that the battery starts draining very fast and it lasts for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours before it is fully discharged then it’s the sign that your battery’s life is at its end and you need to quickly go for Samsung battery replacement.

4. Your phone’s battery is getting overheated

Another sign which tells that you are in need of a Samsung battery replacement is when your battery is getting overheated. Overheating of batteries can also be caused due to many other reasons. 

You might have used your Samsung phone continuously for long hours, then there might be the possibility of the battery overheating. Being under sunlight for long hours or playing any game on your expensive Samsung phone might also result in overheating of the battery.

But this does not mean that you have to replace your battery or your battery is damaged. But if you tend to follow the same routine then one day your battery might get damaged due to overheating caused by the above-mentioned ways.

It’s said that the average healthy temperature required for the smartphone’s battery to survive and live longer, ranges somewhere between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Your Samsung battery might operate well above the mentioned temperature level but this could leave a negative impact on the overall life of the battery.

This might also degrade the performance of your battery as well as your phone. So make sure that you are using your Samsung phone under the appropriate temperature range and if you overuse your phone and you are feeling it’s becoming hot then leave your phone to rest for some time and then start using it again when it comes to normal temperature.

If the battery is getting overheated and you ignore this fact and keep on using it then it might turn out to be hazardous and dangerous. So whenever your battery is getting overheated leave it for some time and if after resting also it’s not getting better then contact the professionals and go for Samsung battery replacement before it’s too late.

5. Your Samsung battery is getting swelled up

Last but not least, your Samsung battery tends to swell up which results in pushing the display screen upwards. The phone’s screen starts to unset itself from the allotted frame of your phone.

The swelling or bulging of your battery is usually caused by overcharging the battery’s cell. This could also be dangerous like overheating. If the battery is swollen enough it might even break the display screen.

So when there is swelling in the battery there is no choice left than to go for Samsung battery replacement as soon as possible before it damages the screen of your phone.

Many smartphones come where the battery is not removable, so in this situation you do not have any option left than to visit the repair or service center to get your phone checked up. But if you are lucky enough that your phone has a removable battery then you can analyze on your own what the issue is, that is whether it is the battery that is troubling you or any other part.

If you face any of the above-mentioned symptoms then before wasting time just visit iCracked-it for Samsung battery replacement before it is too late. Apart from battery we also provide services for Samsung phone repair.

Basically, it’s the true fact that all the batteries used in the phones tend to degrade over a period of time. Some users might get the chance to enjoy their maximum capacity of the battery life while some might not get the chance. This is dependent on how you use it and maintain it.

Even if you handle it with care then the capacity of the battery will slowly shrink and come to an end one day. But to use your battery till its full capacity it is advised to follow certain guidelines and make sure you use it properly.

Is it worth replacing Samsung battery?

If your phone is less than two years old, replacing the battery is still worth the cost. … Samsung: Like Apple, Samsung has many loyal followers and a sleek, modern design to their phones. Their lithium-ion batteries are durable, but they will begin to lose their charge exponentially faster over time.

Can you replace battery in Samsung phone?

Purchase a replacement battery. Visit your cell phone service provider’s store to get a replacement—or you can find the right battery online (see References). Most Samsung battery replacements cost less than $20 U.S.

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