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Every electronic gadget comes with a lifespan. Lifespan may vary from gadget to gadget or from model to model. This follows lithium batteries as well. After a period of time either the lithium battery will need service or require replacement after it has been charged for a certain amount of cycle. So is the case with Macbook batteries. The lifespan of the batteries may vary depending upon various factors like, how have you been using your device, what settings were chosen by you on your Macbook. With time it is necessary that Macbook battery replacement is done so as to maintain the proper functioning and working of your Macbook.

Every device present in the market that depends on a battery for its power faces such type of issue and ultimately one day comes when your battery doesn’t hold the charges. You might charge your device for long hours but that won’t help and your battery will not last even for half an hour. Most probable your Macbook battery is running low and it is a sign that you need a Macbook battery replacement.

Now coming on when and how to know that it’s the time for Macbook battery replacement. So there are various symptoms that indicate that it’s time for your Macbook battery replacement

Below is the list of symptoms indicating that you need have a MacBook battery replacement

  • Drop-in performance of your Macbook:

Fault in the battery of your Macbook will create a significant performance drop of your Macbook. All Macbook’s performance issues are generally not caused due to battery issues, battery might be an issue but not for every Macbook. But with time the batteries of every electronic gadget need to be changed in order to maintain the performance and proper working of your Macbook.

  • Warning of battery service:

The simplest indication which you will receive that will indicate that you need a Macbook battery replacement is when you receive any error message which says “condition: Replace soon’’ or “Condition: Replace Now” or “Condition: Service Battery” or any other relatable error codes.   

The sluggish performance of your Macbook, the condition of overheating, and other relatable after effects is clearly the sign that your Macbook is running on a faulty battery and there is an urgent need for Macbook battery replacement.

  • Low battery run time:

When you have brought a brand new Macbook, in those days your battery used to last for hours and your Macbook might not get dead even if the charger is not connected for many hours. But as time passes by, and you have been using it on a daily basis, wear and tear occurs, now your battery does not last as long as it used to once when it was new.

In order to use your Macbook in future and to maintain the performance as earlier just go for Macbook battery replacement. If you go along with the old battery then it will hamper your performance and degrade the quality more. With time you should also go for battery replacement for every electronic gadget that you have been using.

  • Unpredicted shut downs on your Macbook:

As time passes by and the battery lives past, then all the battery powered devices experience unpredictable or unexpected shutdowns out of the blues.If your Macbook is getting discharged and shutting down unexpectedly then plug in the power cable to your Macbook and then try to charge it again. One important thing should be noted that never ever let your Macbook die on the battery as it will immensely damage the battery life. But if this happens more often, then the only remedy left is to send your Macbook for diagnosis.

Normally the reason why your Macbook turns off automatically without your approval is due to the fact that the battery has passed its normal shelf life and now is the time for Macbook battery replacement. But that could be figured out after full diagnosis by the professional only that whether the main culprit is battery or something else is making your Macbook shut shown automatically.

  • Overheating of battery:

Overheating of batteries is one of the common issues which will result in Macbook battery replacement. Overheat of battery in Macbook can be due to any hardware or software issues or maybe sometimes when you have used your Macbook for a longer period of hours than usual. So you need not have to worry about that in that case.

But if your MacBook is overheating on a daily basis while performing your routine tasks and is also experiencing any of the above symptoms then the main culprit is your battery. The battery is the main root cause of various issues related to the Macbook, being, either inactive performance, slow responding, and many more. That is why it is advisable to replace your battery over a period of time when it has reached its maximum charging capacity.

  • Count on cycle:

Mac Operating system has special functionality for its Macbook users which shows its users for how many cycles their battery has been charged till then. After every one complete charge is done, the count of cycles will increase by 1 as shown by Apple’s description. So this feature has made it much easier to know when your Macbook battery replacement is required. The higher the cycle count of your Macbook is, the closer you are getting to replace your battery.

Sometimes it might happen that by mistake water gets spilled on your laptop and then you try some DIY tricks and tactics to save your Macbook which is a normal thing. But all the DIY hacks might not turn out to be fruitful in all cases. Also, many techniques will even not work and will worsen the situation causing more harm to your Macbook and ultimately there is a need for Mac repair.

Let us discuss some of the common DIY mistakes that should not be followed when you experience that water is spilled on your MacBook screen.

  • Using a hair dryer for drying the MacBook screen:

It is the most common DIY which you will get to see in many of the houses experiencing when water spilled on the screen of some electrical gadgets. People are unaware that the many components of the Macbook are made up of plastic like keyboard, logic board, etc and using a hairdryer on them will certainly end up melting those parts and thus, more damage will be caused and also more loss will be done.

Also, the screen of your Macbook might melt by receiving the heat from the hairdryer and technically you will end up damaging the Macbook screen and losing a lot of money. So using a hairdryer

 for drying the Macbook screen is a big NO else you will end up at the service center for Macbook screen repair.

  • Keeping your Macbook into a jar of rice:

This is another DIY that you must have heard many times. It has been said that rice has some special type of property to absorb moisture. So many times you will have seen that if water is spilled on your phone or laptop it is recommended to keep them inside the rice jar then after a few hours or days it will start working like before.

There is no doubt that this DIY does its magic on many electronic gadgets like phones and laptops, but it’s uncertain that it will always work and especially on Macbook. So it is not advisable to keep your Macbook inside the rice jar as rice grains may jam the keyboard of your Macbook or it might destroy the keyboard membrane which will again end up in Macbook screen repair or sometimes replacement which is totally unnecessary.

  • Trying to fix it on your own:

Opening the Macbook entirely by yourself if you think that it is just the small damage that can be managed on your own then it will be the best idea but only when you have enough knowledge with technical experience and fully confident about it.

Because it might turn out into a big nightmare if you are unaware of the technicality and open the Macbook. Instead, it would be better if you turn on to iCracked-it where you will get professional experts who will conduct a thorough diagnosis over your MacBook

So if there happens to be a situation where the water is spilled accidentally on your Macbook then never ever try above home DIY because instead of saving time and money you might end up damaging your Macbook and paying a huge amount. So do not panic, instead, you have a few necessary actions discussed below that you should prefer instead of home DIY to save your Macbook when such water has been spilled on your Macbook.

  • Turn off your Macbook immediately:

The first and the most important step you should take is to switch off your Macbook immediately when water is spilled on it. This might help you to save your Macbook from any internal damage and saves you from Mac repair.

  • Immediately turn off all the cables and cords from your Macbook:

Try to disconnect any cables and cord plugged into your Macbook and if the battery is removable try to remove the battery as well. This will help you to save your Macbook from short circuits or shock.

  • Let it drain for some time by turning it upside down:

After turning off your Macbook and disconnecting all the cables you should wipe off any extra water from the surface of the laptop especially from the keyboard, ports and lids, using a clean dry cloth and not the hairdryer as described above. Let the Macbook dry for at least 48 hours at some dry place. You do not have to open the laptop to remove the extra water droplets from there if you do not have enough knowledge about the technicality of the Macbook.

  • Contact the trusted Mac repair service center:

This will prove to you the best step to be taken out of all, to take your Macbook to the Macbook screen repair shop immediately before it’s too late. As the longer you wait in a hope that will start working soon on its own, the more damage it is going to suffer. The professionals’ advice would be the best advice to look into this issue. MacBook damaged from water is easy to save in most cases and will suffer the least damage as compared to other damages.

The damage done is totally dependent on how much water has been spilled on your Macbook but still the longer you take it to the Mac repair service center, the more the damage will be caused. 

Last but not the least, it is a true fact that it is not easy to do Macbook battery replacement on your own. For such a difficult task you require technicians and some professional hands. So you are always welcome to the iCracked-it survival center for Macbook battery replacement to achieve maximum satisfaction. Being a Mac repair specialist, we would deliver you the best service possible from our end.

Also when replacing the battery make sure that you do not go for purchasing any local market batteries. Many people tend to purchase the battery for the Macbook from the nearby market places because it is affordable and suits everyone’s pocket. But this might prove to be very risky as it might get exploded when it is overheated thereby, causing more harm and loss. 

There are many cases in which you can see the battery explode due to overheating, this happens due to a duplicate or faulty battery. So always make sure that you replace the battery with the original one and try to get it from a trusted vendor who will give you the guarantee of warranty on the date of your purchase of the battery and it is also guaranteed that you have not been given the fake or faulty battery.

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