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Nothing in the world is perfect, and so does technology. Even though new and innovative technologies are emerging and various electronic gadgets are coming into the market, nothing can last forever or last without any problem.

Repairing mobile phones is one such problem. You might see various Mobile repair shops near you as there has been an increase in the production of mobile phones so the problem with phones is also increasing so you would require the shop to repair it.

We know that it is a very stressful situation when your mobile phone is not working or any issue has been raised with your phone. Some issues are common and that can be sought in minutes on your own without wasting money in repairing, some issues are huge like mobile phone screen repair or battery replacement which has to be taken care of by the expert only.

So I am going to disclose some of the common issues related to phones which you might have suffered once in a lifetime and also share some of the solutions to tackle them without wasting your money and calm. So let’s get started.

1. Your mobile phone is working slow

This is the most common problem that almost everybody might have. This problem generally initiates when your mobile phone is old enough. Sometimes new phones also experience this problem when your RAM is full of applications and files that you don’t eleven use. In such a situation, your phone might start to hang or respond slowly.

Solution: Clean your phone by removing and deleting all the unwanted applications and files that are no longer in use. Then clear the cache memory. If still there is not enough space created then you can try saving your important files in Google drive or on your computer.

If this doesn’t work then restore your phone to the factory data. If nothing works and your phone is still working slow then you can seek help from the expert there might be a major issue.

2. Fast battery drainage

Another most common problem is the issue with the battery. There might be a time when your phone does not have enough battery even though you do not use your phone all the time.

There are various factors that can affect the life of the battery and you should genuinely consider that before it’s too late and you lose your battery.

Solution: If you see that your battery is draining fast even if mobile phones are used so regularly then make some changes to your phone. Like reduce the brightness, turn off the GPS when not in use, remove the Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi when not using. Enable battery saver mode and then check if the battery remains for a longer time.

Disable all the apps that use batteries in the background. These steps have to be followed even when your battery is in perfect condition to save your battery life.

3. Overheating of phone

This problem is something related to the phone battery but not always. It could be also due to the charger or due to any internal component failure as well. Whenever you exp[erinec overheating of mobile phones then rectifying the problem should be at the topmost priority else it might damage the battery or the screen of the phone then you would require mobile phone screen repair.

Solution: keep your phone away from sunlight, try to refresh it, and repeat the above procedures that are explained for the battery. It might work if the issue is in the battery.

4. Storage space showing full

People often have a habit of storing too many photos, documents, files, and videos on their mobile phones even if they do not want them anymore. These unnecessary items occupy important memory of your phone that can be used by other important files. 

This might even result in problems like overheating, battery issues, and phone hanging up. Then the only option left in front of you is to go to a phone repair shop.

Solution: The possible solution for this type of problem is very simple. Timely make a habit of deleting all the files and apps that are of no use to you. Clear the cache data. If possible transfer the files to a computer or the online cloud. Always make sufficient space in your phone to run your phone swiftly and smoothly.

5. Phone getting freeze

This situation happens a lot and is most commonly seen when the phone is old or your storage is full. In such a situation people usually restart their phone or turn it off then turn it on. If this doesn’t work then remove the battery and fix it again and check ( for the phones whose batteries are removable).

Solution: In such a situation, you have to take some steps depending upon your phone. Like most Apple phones start working when you press the power key along with the volume down key together for about 10 seconds.

6. Freezing of any particular application of your phone

This is a very common but annoying problem. There might be bugs in the application which make them freeze or crash. There could also be the possibility that your operating system is not the newest one. Sometimes, the phone cannot support the latest version and crashes.

Solution: The first step you should follow is to restart your phone and then start using the app. You can also check for App Manager and then stop that particular app or even you can try to clean the cache data.

If still the app doesn’t work then uninstall the app and reinstall again.

7. Cell phone dropped in water

This happens with a lot of people either accidentally or due to carelessness. But do not feel bad. Certain solutions might help you save your mobile phones.

Solution: The first thing you should do is to turn off your phone and remove the battery and then put the phone in the pocket full of rice. Rice can absorb moisture. This might help. If not then without any delay search for a  mobile repair shop near me and then get your phone to the phone repair shop and let the expert do their task and fix it.

8. The problem in downloading apps

There are usually a lot of complaints received regarding this type of issue and this problem can be solved in just a few seconds. You get issues while downloading the apps usually due to the corrupt cache.

Solution: Try to clean the cache of the app. If not then you can also try by cleaning the history of Google play. After doing this turn off your phone and then switch on and check or directly restart your phone and then try to download the app again.

9. Bluetooth connectivity issue

When you try to connect Bluetooth or sometimes try to connect your phone to WiFi but unfortunately you are unable to. This is a common problem and requires just one step to resolve.

Solution: It is advised to enable airplane mode of the phone for 1 minute then disable it. Then try to connect the Bluetooth connectivity again. It might work.

10. Damage in charging port

It’s a true proverb that nothing lasts forever and mobile phones are not an exception. With time, the charging port of the phone degrades. This might be because of misuse, dirt, or any other reason. This type of problem should be usually left for an expert to handle at the phone repair shop.

But before that, there is something that you can try.

Solution: Before taking a step and searching for a phone repair shop near me, try to clean the charging port of your phone with the help of a toothbrush and remove all the dust particles.

This might help, if not then you should take your phone to the Phone repair shop without any delay. If you live in the city like Maidenhead, Cookham, Taplow, Windsor, Marlow, Henley on the Thames then you can contact iCracked-it if you need any services for your phone.

Although cell phones are such an accessory that they might have 100 problems and some cannot be even so simple to handle as they sound like. These were the most common issues that every phone user might have faced at least one or two in their lifetime.

These are simple problems that can be handled on your own. But only in some cases. Sometimes the problems look very minor but in actuality they are huge. For instance, overheating of phones can be caused due to many factors. You have to take the necessary steps as shared above.

But it is not certain that this will work in all cases. For this time we have professional experts to handle such issues. Some problems are better left for experts to handle, if you try to deal with them then you might mess it up.

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